We provide a number of services to our customers. Between our various sewing machines and the owner's bucket truck, here are a few of the services we provide. Please call if you have any questions!


We have a wide variety of patches sold in store. Our machines can sew through leather and inside pockets. We have also attached patches to sleeves and for scouts. Generally our prices start at $5 to attach a patch. The price may change depending on size or shape.


Custom flags are a popular item here. We have made a variety of different styles and images. We do dye sublimation here allowing us to print photos, logos, and more onto our polyester fabric. If you'd like plain colors we also have a wide variety of nylon fabrics.


When you start to notice your American flag coming apart at the seams, bring it to us. We can cut off the damaged fly end and re-hem. It can be hemmed as long as it retains a proper rectangle ratio.


We sell locally produced ezPoles in our store. The owner will come to you and install in ground flag poles. We will install other flagpoles as well. He also caters to vehicle dealerships so you would need to schedule ahead for this service. Please call for more details. 


Our owner has a bucket truck and has the ability to change pulley systems, re-rope poles and other miscellaneous tasks. He also caters to vehicle dealerships so you would need to schedule ahead for this service. Please call to find out if we can help.


We accept your worn American flags and work with our local Veterans in the proper disposal.

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